Holiday Stress: 8 Excellent Anti-Stress Tips To Look Your Best In This Holiday Season

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The holidays are a time of family togetherness and celebration, but it takes its toll on many women. The stress that comes with gift shopping, meal planning, taking care of the kids and all the other holiday tasks saps your energy and can take away your shine. A poll made by The Talk Show demonstrated that women get stressed the most when they are shopping for a present, hosting a dinner, and decorating their house. We all have been there once, where these holiday festivities and preparation issues stresses us out. Don’t let your beauty take a backseat during this festive period. Make sure that you’re glowing in all the family pictures with our anti-stress tips that will keep you looking radiant even as you’re dealing with holiday preparations, entertaining and relatives squabbling.


1. Weekend Getaway


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Many people will travel to family members’ houses during the festive period or they’ll stay home with family visiting. Whichever is your situation, you should still make time for yourself. Arrange a weekend away with your partner or alone. Leave the kids at home and forget all your normal responsibilities. A change of scenery will leave your mind and body feeling refreshed. Two days spent next to the beach, in a mountain cabin or camping near a hot spring can enhance your natural beauty. Even a weekend away in a hotel or bed & breakfast that’s not too far away can restore your energy and inner glow. Why? Because you’ll have time to unwind. Women put so much pressure to perform on themselves during this time of the year that it’s absolutely essential to have that weekend getaway that allows you to switch off your mind and relax.


2. Spa Packages


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Most beauty salons and spas run some kind of monthly special. Check the local spa and salon web pages to see what is on offer. Nothing pampers and de-stresses a person as well as a relaxing massage or a facial, so be sure to treat yourself. A facial will also help you to have radiant and glowing skin. This is the perfect way to escape from the madness of a house full of family during the holidays. If you have children, ask the men to take care of them and make it a group outing with all of the ladies of the house such as aunts, mothers and daughters. If you’re away from family for the holiday, invite a few of your girlfriends along with you. Not only will you look more beautiful because of the spa treatments, but you’ll also glow from the inside from spending time bonding with your love ones.


3. Have One-On-One Conversations


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Nothing is more fulfilling than truly bonding with someone. The glow and peace of mind you’ll have after getting to know one of your family members better cannot be replicated. Dedicate at least twenty minutes to spending time alone with each member of your family. You’ll discover a new side of them that you didn’t know before and they’ll appreciate that you took the time to get to know them better.


4. Appreciate Beauty and Nature


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One thing that can always be counted on to cheer you up is the beauty that surrounds you every day. Unfortunately, people often take the everyday things for granted. Take the time to visit your local park or art gallery. Spend time appreciating the beauty surrounding you, truly taking it in. Switch off your phone for the time that you spend doing this to truly appreciate what you see around you.


5. Meditate


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It’s not uncommon for tensions to rise and fights to occur during the holiday season. This is mostly due to the fact that you’ll be spending time in close proximity to family. And, as we all know, family members don’t always get along or share the same views. It’s best to meditate in order to keep things as peaceful and pleasant as possible. Take a few minutes for yourself whenever you feel irritation or frustration rise. Lock yourself in the bathroom in order to be alone if there’s truly no other way to avoid family. Close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly while counting to thirty. You will feel calm when you open your eyes and be refreshed and ready to head into the rush once again.


6. Treat Yourself

Don’t let buying gifts for everyone else make you forget to treat yourself. You don’t need to blow your budget on an expensive gift for yourself. It can be as simple as buying yourself a magazine and a box of your favorite cookies. Even though you might want your family to be spoiled, it’s just as important to spoil yourself. A small gift that you’ll truly enjoy will help you to remain happy and look great during the holiday season. Whenever you feel yourself getting tired or worn out, take the time to treat yourself and focus on your own happiness. This tip could also apply to a massage, spa treatment or a salon visit. Whatever will make you unwind, you should take the time to do it.


7. Spend an Evening Alone


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This can be tricky with a house full of children or family, but it is absolutely crucial when you’re feeling stressed out. Rent your favorite movie and spend the evening in front of the TV with popcorn and your favorite foods. Alternatively, you could spend the evening reading a book without being uninterrupted. If it’s impossible to spend an evening alone while at home, go out for the night by yourself. Watch the latest release in the cinema or eat at your favorite restaurant while reading a good book or your favorite magazines. Spending time on your own will allow you to de-stress since you can calmly think about all the things that are troubling you. It’s also easier to come up with solutions for problems when you’re feeling relaxed and spending time in solitude.


8. Beauty Tips

Not stressing is the best way to have radiant and glowing skin, but there are also a few beauty tips you could use to keep your skin looking its best. Drink plenty of water and avoid excessive alcohol. Alcohol will sap your skin of its radiance while water will help to keep your skin hydrated and radiant. You should also not neglect your skincare regimen during the holidays, no matter how busy it gets. Do you feel more relaxed and feeling ready for the festivities? What stress relief tips will you be trying this holiday season and have a radiant and glowing look?



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