What To Wear: Try These Concert Outfit Ideas For Women

What To Wear: Try These Concert Outfit Ideas For Women


There was a time when a tight body con dress and sky high heels as well as jeans and tees were go to outfits to create a perfect concert fashion look. But, the fashion industry has broadened with many new concert outfit ideas to choose from! Furthermore, concert events and the musical arts have amplified with many new artist styles and sounds, so naturally fashion is evolving too! Here we have given a few suggestions on how to up your fashion quotient for a variety of concert events. 



What Outfits To Wear For Concerts?

Dressing for a concert or a live gig is one of the trickiest events. Some people want to flaunt their stylish avatar, while others prefer to stay comfortable. Here are some concert outfit ideas to try on.



Cut Out and Ripped Jeans


womens ripped jean look fashion concert outfit ideas Intochic


Cut out and ripped jeans continue to evolve with new fashion. It is a trend inspired decade ago and depicts your carefree attitude; hence it is a big yes for womens concert outfits.


You can accentuate your outfit look by pairing it with a loose t shirt, sweater, jacket, or boat neck. The look is flattery, making your legs look longer, especially if you opt for flare ripped denim.



Fit and Flare Dress


Fit flare dress concert outfit ideas Intochic fashion


If you wish to look stylishly casual and different, the fit and flare dress is ideal for you. This fashion design grips your body tightly from the upper half and flares down from the bottom. It is comfortable to wear and is greatly suited for a woman with wider hips and pear shaped bodies.


However, this dress is open for everyone. The designs can greatly vary making it an exciting design from casual to more formal events. Designers such as Dior, among others have beautiful designs. 


Too, combine this dress with a range of fashion accessories to bring out your own expressions and inspiring outfits! 




athleisure fashion concert outfit ideas outdoor events Intochic


Athleisure enables a hydrid of fashion pieces with comfort and fashion in mind. Athleisure fashion looks can be great for concert outfits where you can feel comfortable, look great and get active in the concert vibes. You can recreate this look by adding a stylish top and high end sneakers combined with wide leg trousers. After all, fashion and comfort is something that anyone will enjoy while attending a concert. 



Body Con Dress


body con dress fashion concert outfit ideas Intohic


Whether you are hitting a party or a concert, this dress style will never go out of fashion. And, the body con design is widespread from tight to looser fits. It's also a nice option for women with an hourglass figure, aesthetically pleasing and brings out the curves.


This figure hugging dress is meant to make you feel like you with a dash of trendy! And, don't forget, you can have fun and combine a range of fashion pieces with this outfit from your favourite bracelets to your pointy shoes! 



Crop Tops


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Crops tops are now becoming part of every woman’s wardrobe collection. You can recreate different concert outfit looks with it. Here’s how. First. consider to pair these fashion pieces with high waist jeans and skirts to create a casual, comfortable yet stylish look. Next, team it up with shorts and flip flops to get that summertime concert look. Or, layer them with skirts, boots, and bold lipstick.


What kind of crop tops are in fashion?


The shirt style crop top

The shirt style design is feminine and fresh. You can pair it with trousers to create a formal concert look or jeans to look casual, and cute. In the cooler days or evenings, you can also combine it with a casual jacket with an expression of multiple fashion pieces. 


Crepe silk crop top with flowy sleeves

The crop top is best for anyone who loves to add glamour to their outfit. The flowy sleeves look fresh, feminine, and casual. You can style the top with a skirt or jeans, and complete the look, don’t forget to team it up with heels, a sling bag, and tassel earrings.


V neck half sleeves crop top

The V neck half sleeves crop top is something that every woman can wear. You can pair it with any bottom wear to create a stylish look. The puffed sleeves will add detail and will make you look edgy.


Stylish short sleeves crop top

Another crop top in vogue is the stylish short sleeves as with a floral cropped design. It is perfect to wear with western dresses, skirts, jeans, etc.



Leather Pants


womens leather fashion concert outfit ideas Intochic


Leather pants are back and have become a new fashion statement. While the black one remains the favourite of many, other colours have also entered the market with a bang. Leather pant designs vary from wide legs to high waists.


Combined with other fashion pieces, these leather fashion pieces can suit a range of events. Certainly, leather is still in with concert outfit ideas. How can you pair them up?


Pair leather pants with floral fashion 

The combination looks pretty and glamorous. Depending on the style of pant or top, you can really produce a look fitting to a range of concert events and your own personal style. 


Layer fashion pieces

If you are unsure how to pair your leather pants, you can layer them with a graphic tee and leather jacket. Black leather pants with a brown jacket and tee will lend to stunning fashion looks.


Tuck it up  

Tuck up your leather pant with a shirt on the top. A metal belt on the top will add glamour to the outfit. 


    Monochrome top

    If you are still confused, pair your leather pants with a monochrome top. These tops are always fashionable and will give you a great outfit for your concert.



      Shift Dress


      Shift dress looks concert outfit ideas fashion Intochic


      Another versatile concert outfit that every woman should pick in is the shift dress. The design grew out of the time of the flapper dress back in the early 1900's. This fashion is not body hugging. It is comfortable, easy to wear, and its looser fits look great with less confines to women's shapes.


      The dress does not have any specific shape and is a pleasing pick for your concert outfit. Add a stylish hat, colourful bracelets, or whatever you love to wear in combination.   



      Create the Barbiecore Look


      barbiecore dress fashion looks concert outfit idea Intochic


      It is a new fashion trend that almost all international celebrities are flaunting. This trend is about dressing with hints of Barbie doll in with all pink pieces designed for making a bold and stylish statement for women. How to nail this trend?


      Wear pink skirts

      Dip yourself into pink skirts, and on the top, you can wear sweatshirts, crop tops, hoodies, etc.


      Go for a pink blazer or pink crop tops

      If you want Barbie to ooze out inside from you, wear a pink blazer and crop tops. The dress looks comfortable and perfect for making the heads turn around during the concert. It is the sure shot way to get the desired look.


        Pink sweatpants

        Vociferous pink sweatpants are comfortable and make you look glamorous. It is the perfect way to embrace feminine character.



        Bottom Line

        Donning the perfect outfit for the concert is debilitating. Hence, we have provided you with the coolest ways to look casual and chic at the concert. Accessories like belts, leather jackets, wrist watches, and heels will pull up your look, raise your hotness quotient, and make your visit more exciting. 

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