Why These Ear Piercing Trends Will Bring You Tears of Joy!

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Earrings are a form of women's fashion that finds a special place in a woman's treasure box. And, ear piercing continues to capture us within new fashion trends; worn by friends and favourite celebs. Have a look at these piercing trends for inspiring fashion looks!



Curated Ear Multi Piercing Trends


Curated ear mix match earring trends fashion into chic



Multi Piercing and specifically the Curated Ear includes layering, arranging, and stacking your earrings in totally different and unique ways; its ideas express mixing up an arrangement of different earring jewelry from studs, drops, clusters, cuffs, to crawlers and hoops; in a range of designs, colours, gems, and jewellery materials for your elevating your fashion looks.



Furthermore, the curated ear is combined and placed altogether by the piercer in order to aesthetically adorn or decorate your ear, based on asymmetric features. As a result, the curated trend reinforces your beauty by layering jewellery on the ear.



This multi-earring trend is unstoppable with its creativity within fashion accessories. It’s a way to show off your style and personal way of being, Into Chic.



Asymmetrical Studs


asymmetrical studs earring fashion trends into chic



Like a constellation, asymmetrical studs are captivating and in trends. The designs of both ears don't match, creating random placement of . Often, women with a casual outlook prefer asymmetrical earrings to voice out their inner expressions.



An expression of character has no boundaries. When it comes to inspirational styles within your fashion accessories and jewelry, your canvas is your entire fashion outfit from womens graphic tees to high waist pleated trousers, and then earrings of course. That said,  asymmetrical studs can go well with your casual outfits and give a reason to rejoice. 



Stacked Lobe Ear Piercing


multi earrings trends stacked lobe fashion



Lobes ear piercing never fails to capture the attention of the onlookers. They are available in various style variations to choose from. People can adopt vertical or horizontal stacked lobes jewelry.



Again, they can mix and match to get the eyeballs rolling. Even the fashionista swear by its look. The trend has given the woman a new reason to show off her jewels.



 Star-Studded Ear Piercing Trend


star studded earring trends fashion looks into chic



It is what it sounds like. Add an artful group of star-studded components asymmetrically onto your ear lobes. They resemble stars scattered in the sky. You can select a collection of small studs or a triangular form, depending upon your whims.



Try stacking these earrings vertically on the lobes or place them in a cluster. The look can match your casual fashion sense and is ideal for a minimalist outlook. This trend creates wondrous looks to add a shine like the stars or constellations! 



Conch Piercing


conch piercing earring trends in fashion



The conch piercing looks stunning and comes in two varieties; either you can go for a single conch piercing or a multiple conch piercing. It was a trend in the 90s and has resurfaced again making fashion statements with excitement!



In conch piercing, the hoops or studs are placed at the cartilage's centre. They are customizable. Its a solution for many outfits from casual to more formal styles and expressive twists! 


  • Inside: this trend has been in for the past few years. In this, the woman pierces her inner ears cartilage for a beautiful effect.


  • Outside: This trend has an eye-popping look and gives you a sense of personality, even when you are in an online meeting or wearing a mask. This eye-catching earring is a big statement piece among the millennial generation who wants to show off everything with pride.



 Helix Earrings


helix earrings multi earring trends fashion into chic



As the name implies, a helix is the part of the outer ear rim that begins above the lower lobule.  The helix piecing is often located in the upper helix for a distinct expression from other areas. If two are paired beside each other, it creates a double helix.



This earpiece trend is always making waves as it presents different ways of personal expression as a stand-alone fashion look or combined with multi-earring trends. This is also a celebrity adopted trend that goes well with a range of looks and outfits.   



Ear piercing Lessons learned


These are some ear piercing trends that are ruling the market; however, don't follow any of the trends blindly; your personal rules will help you make a wise decision. Consider the following: 


  • Choose the same metal or stones. Mix and match can seem logical, but fashion is getting a bit witty, so wear the trend that looks best on you.
  • Keep the outfit simple and overall minimal look for creating a turnaround.

  • Try to pick jewellery pieces that complement each other. combining or complementing all your accessories. That doesn’t mean they all need to be the same material or style. You can mix gemstones; just make sure the colours work together. 
  • There is a great rebellion related to on-going trends. The new generations often enjoy rebellious looks that break past trend rules and copy the style of their favourite celebrity. But, sometimes this is not the best path for your best looks. If in doubt, ask your piercers.
  • The media has shown celebrities who have skipped piercing on one ear and are there on the other. Think twice. Follow the trends wisely.
  • An earring should complement your features and your fashion outfit so keep in mind that your ears are as beautiful as the jewelry on them!



Enjoy Fashion Creativity With Earrings


earring trends casual fashion creative looks



Ear piercing creativity continues to develop hot new trends and is having moments in the sun. It is a unique accessory to your fashion. Many celebrities are flaunting it, and now our modern day woman is adopting and innovating it. Add edge to your outfit or to disclose your funk look to your friends. Above all, enjoy fashion creativity with ideas from earring trends. 

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