3 Easy Home Decoration Tips For Your Christmas Table Settings

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Christmas is all about gathering together at the end of a long year. It’s a time to celebrate, be merry, and most importantly, feel the comfort of the holiday season. But let’s face it, if the Christmas table setting isn’t very festive then the mood seems a little lacking. As a host, we know that is our duty to ensure everyone has a great time, and feels right at home at the dinner table. For this reason, we’ve lined up three different Christmas table setting decoration ideas that you can count on this year.


1. The Warm Traditional, Christmas Santa Approved Tablescape

This is the Christmas tablescape style that reminds us of our fondest childhood holiday memories. Check out Pier 1 Imports’ traditional decor options. It has everything from tree-printed dishes and snowflake designed wine glasses, to runners and placemats that light up with festive cheer.


To recreate this look, it’s crucial to select plenty of green and reds, the classic holiday color scheme. Opt for plaid or printed dishes with interesting designs, such as sleighs and reindeer. Use wooden trays and serving dishes, decorated with sprigs of berries and cinnamon sticks. Try reindeer napkin holders, poinsettia table runners and plates, plaid placemats, and layered pillar candles. For height, use sleigh serving boards and present shaped candy dishes. White tin mugs, St. Nick plates, antler napkin holders and reindeer salt and pepper shakers come together to form this Pottery Barn holiday table setting look. Anyone who loves a warm, cozy holiday vibe will surely enjoy this.


For the centerpiece just take a bowl, place some pines and pinecone filler. Place card holders with bells add a simple finishing touch of charm. Finally, wrap some pine garland around the center, covering the gaps, and adding a sense of warmth to the Christmas table setting. Put together, it all amounts to a tasteful, yet efficient setting that doubles the amount of usable space. What makes this look iconic is that it is everything one might expect. It’s red, green, white and cheerful. There’s no edginess to it, which means it’s not distracting on the Christmas table decoration, it’s just welcoming. The scent and look should make all your guests that much more excited to celebrate in your lovely home!


2. The Elegant White, Gold and Silver Holiday Table Decor

If you’re looking to create a holiday setting that shines without being too over the top, think golden bar carts, snow-covered trees, silver reindeer candle holders and printed dishes.


This is the style for fans of sparkly accents and people who want their tablescapes to shine as bright as the stars. Zara Home is the perfect place to start searching for this stylish look. It has everything from golden tapered candles, gold table cloths, gold chargers, and serving spoons. This is a great look for the host/hostess that wants an elegant setting without having to overflow the surface. It’s ideal for small spaces, smaller gatherings and people on a budget. The trick is to purchase a handful of beautiful pieces that pair well together, eliminating all the fuss. Macy’s has a white runner and placemats that tie in, while providing a shimmering detail.


Don’t be afraid to mix silver tones with gold, as this look is anything but stuffy. For a center statement piece, mass small white poinsettias in a low crystal dish filled with cranberries (for that pop of red). Finally, tie everything in with a touch of whimsical, such as mitten napkin holders and, white wooden cookie jars.


To complete this Christmas tablescape decor look, it is important to remember you don’t technically need a focal point in the center. Instead, this style focuses on using a table cloth underneath a centered runner, with the placemats perfectly adorned with memorable china. For additional festive cheer, clear glass pitchers and place the tasty food in the centre. More so, because each component is so busy, it’s wallet-friendly. A few items go a long way, especially in smaller dining rooms.


3. Important Additional Tips for your Christmas table settings

Nothing says Christmas more than a consistent theme throughout the home. If you’ve already invested in silver and gold accents, keep that holiday home decor theme going with your tablescape. Not only will it tie in and become a natural progression of your style, it will also ensure your Christmas table setting becomes a focus rather than a distraction.


For an added touch of elegance, always use a main centerpiece on the Christmas table setting. Low flower arrangements with holiday greens and candles always work, but so does the star of the meal. Leave space for the traditional turkey or rib roast. Garnish it appropriately, and then use string lights, garland, or sprigs of berries around it to tie in. If you’re going for a more organic atmosphere, it never hurts to invest in more garland and printed dishes. With every tree, or woodland creature depicted on a plate or mug, the Christmas atmosphere gets livelier.


Finally, always use candles in a safe manner, whether it be in cylinders, elevated candle holders, or shining glassware. Apart from being beautiful, they add that touch of warmth that’s come to be expected this time of year. It’s the little things that bring everything together for this holiday. Enjoying the season!

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