4 UMBRA Ring Cooper Holders For Charming Your Home Decor

Cooper ring holders in a shape of elephant, giraffe and bunny. Desined by UMBRA

These charming ring holders are cute, chic and has the utility of storage for all your delicate and exquisite rings. The Anigram animals collection ring Holders by UMBRA will enchant you with its beautiful designs. The animal shapes of this Anigram Collection that will embellish your home decor are...


The Cute Bunny



The Magical Reindeer



The Bold Elephant



The Stylish Giraffe



To add, this Anigram Collection by UMBRA pieces are made from Zinc with a cooper finish and the base of the holders are padded so it won’t ruined your surface. They are beautiful decorative pieces that could also be an amazing gift for your friends! These ring holders can be placed anywhere you need it.


For example, it can be placed close to the sink, on your nightstand or your vanity desk enhancing your home decor. The designer behind these wonderful decorative objects is Sung Wook Park. Sung was born in Seoul Korea. He graduated from OCAD University; formerly the Ontario College of Art and Design. T


his designer was the top if his class in Industrial Design and he won the Canadian Student Design Competition of Driving Design by Umbra and Audi. https://vimeo.com/134027826

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