Winter Skin: 5 Hydrating Skin Care Products for Moisturized and glowing looks

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Winter is here and your skin knows it. When we are in this season, the air becomes cold and dry and this can be hard on your skin. Symptoms of dry skin include discomfort from skin tightness and itching. Moreover, there are also other factors that affect your itchy skin such as indoor heating and long hot showers and baths; those factors that can lessen the natural oil barriers and make your skin feel dry and chapped. We normally refer it as a winter skin. If you suffer winter skin condition, consider products that will help to boost your glow, and make your skin look radiant, and healthy…


1. Tony Moly - Caviar mask sheet

This mask is made by 100% cotton and has in its caviar ingredient helps to nourishment and moisturize the skin, and soothe stressed skin.


Tony Moly Caviar Mask Sheet

2. Mario Badescu – facial spray

The product includes aloe, herbs and rose water. Its ingredients like Aloe Vera, Gardenia, and Rose help your dehydrated skin to re-energize giving a healthy and radiant look.


Mario Badescu Facial spray with aloe herbs and rose water

3. Pixy - H2O skindrink face cream

This moisturizer gel gives your dehydrated skin a burst of hydration. Its special ingredients like green tea, Aloe Vera and Rosemary help to rehydrate your skin. Light texture and has a very delicate hint of Rosemary.


Pixi H2O Skindrink face cream

4. Yves Rocher coconut Nourishing Lip Balm

This lip contains ingredients made with Shea Butter and Macadamia oil a creamy texture that help to nourish, soothes and repairs your lips and leave them soft and kissable. The coconut scent is soft and pleasant.


IvesRocher coconut lip balm

5. The Body shop – Pink grape fruit hand cream

This hand cream product is perfect for your thirsty winter skin. Infused with pink grapefruit oil, it has a gel-cream texture that help to absorb quickly. Its convenient travel size of 30 ml is perfect to put it in your bag and keep it handy whenever you need it.


The Body Shop pink grapefruit hand cream


Overall in the colder seasons, it is very important to protect your natural oil barriers. Taking care to how you cleanse with appropriate water temperatures and using the beauty products above will help to keep your skin healthy and feeling refreshed. Moreover, it’s important to drink plenty of water too because in the wintertime we tend to drink less water while consuming more hot foods.

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