Green Outfits Ideas To Wear This Fall

Woman wearing a green furry coat with a black bag


Green has always been the color of fall – moss, military, olive, forest almost all shades of green pops up in fashion radar every year as fall approaches. Green not only translates as a very bold fashion statement when worn on eyes, but also leans quite traditional fashion choice if you transition it to your holiday outfits and accessories. In any case, wearing green during fall has always been traditionally fashionable and look fashion forward. If you are exploring ways in which you can wear green, here are five chic ways to incorporate this in-trend color palette in your wardrobe.


1- Dress it up - Green

We love and approve of this green lace-up mini dress by Balmain. The fabric is pretty fall-appropriate and adds a nice playful twist to the trending green shade. This fashionable fancy dress makes it perfect for feasting season ahead.


2- Comfy - Green

Informal is the new cool! Right? Right. Take it from the fashion runways, track pants and sweats are finally the cool and chic outfit choices for running errands, going to the class or even going out with friends or going to the movies. We love this emerald green track pants by Tory Sport, wear them with a tank top and denim jacket, you’d look uber-chic without even trying too hard – be in trend without compromising your comfort.


3- Green - Chilly feeling

Fall really is about the art of layering your outfits and we really suggest going for a nice coat. Might we suggest this military-green trench style by You can wear it on top of a graphic tee – another poppin’ fall trend – or close the buttons and tuck the front in for an effortlessly chic casual outfit.


4- Power - Green Heels

We cannot take our eyes off this leaf-green elegant wear by Alexandre Birman at Saks Fifth Avenue. Perfection is the word we are looking for here. This heels are perfect paired with jeans or use them for a date of formal diners.
Greenery – a revitalizing and refreshing shade of green. The selection of this zesty yellow-green shade was originally done with an aim and effort of bringing a touch of nature at your homes and day to day life. While this shade would look very lush in your home interior, incorporating it in your wardrobe would also radiate very fall fashion vibes. What "greeny" item was you favorite to use this season?

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