5 Dashing Items Using Pantone Spring Cherry Tomato Color

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For spring 2018 color experts at Pantone created a color palette for fashion designers that showed their creation at NY Fashion Week. Those colors are amazingly illuminating and vibrant; one color that caught my attention is the reddish-orange color named: ‘cherry tomato’. From fashion to cosmetics, you can see this fierce shade of red on women who like to get attention. If you like the red that is a sexy, passionate, alive and trendy color, make sure you snag an item in your outfit this out coming season. Do you want to project the energy of confidence no matter where you go? The best way to do that is by wearing something in this shade. A strong, bold, red like this one will immediately draw attention to you – in a good way. Those are some easy and styling ideas that help you to add red color to your outfit.


1. Red Dress

Heads will turn as you walk down the street and people will be stopping you to ask where you bought your dress when you wear a dress in this trendy shade. Make sure you get a dress in a flattering fit and style for the best results. One of the more elegant ways to style an eye-catching color such as this one is by wearing a modest style of dress. An asymmetric mini dress or shirt dress with long sleeves in this color can be paired with a pair of high-heeled shoes in a neutral color or a comfy ankle boots along with other more neutral accessories. Wearing this style is good for a for a casual outing, while still being bold and alluring. This color would look amazing in a shorter, wear this outfit on a hot date or when you’re going out to an up-scale club for the evening. Not only will everyone think you look gorgeous, but you’ll also be getting a few free drinks along the way.


2. Red Accessories

Many women prefer to incorporate bold color in a more subtle way that is easier to wear in their day to day lives. One of the ways that you can easily do this is with accessories. There’s something for everyone out there. You could choose a cherry tomato shade Flat cap, or a niece pair of earrings. You’ll be able to incorporate the trendy shade into your outfit no matter your personal style and spice up your wardrobe.


Accessories are also the perfect way to work a bold color into your outfit. The cherry tomato shade is definitely one of the most fun shades you can wear paired with a neutral outfit. It will instantly perk up your entire look and make heads turn your way.


3. Red Lipstick

There’s little in this world that’s more alluring on a woman than red lipstick. A bright red lipstick in the cherry tomato shade draws the attention towards the lips. It makes them seem sensual, fuller, and infinitely more kissable. Even better, red lipstick makes people perceive you as more confident as well as being more attractive. You’ll easily be able to fool people into thinking you’re completely self-assured by using a lipstick in this shade.


Apply this shade the next time you’re nervous for a first-date or some important event and you’ll immediately feel calmer since you will feel more confident. Wearing red lipstick is quite bold and it’s best to leave the rest of your makeup looking fairly simple in order to truly allow it to shine. Want to look like a femme fatale? Pair your bright red lips with the classic cat eyeliner and you’ll be ready to break hearts wherever you go.


4. Red Nails

Beautifully groomed nails artfully painted in an eye-catching red color such as this one will make sure that anybody who shakes your hand is left with a good impression of you. Paint your nails with this color to impress a potential date. Red nails can be extremely classy and reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour when worn right. This color will create an even more striking look that will be sure to make you the belle of the ball.


5. Red Shoes

A pair of shoes in the cherry tomato shade is sure to make a statement no matter where you’re going. Nothing signals that you’re a femme fatale more than strutting confidently in a fierce pair of shoes in just the right color. You can style a pair of heels or flats shoes in this shade in numerous ways. Wear them with a dress for a night out, or pair with jeans and a white shirt for a fun and colorful day look. Not only are shoes in this color on trend, they’re also extremely versatile.
Can you think of any other ways to incorporate this shade into your fashion and beauty looks? Let us know how you would wear it!

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