5 Thanksgiving Table Setting Decoration Ideas You Need To Try

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4. Shining Table Setting

For the 20, 30-something host, there’s another home decor style to consider: the shining setting. This decoration style focuses on random object placement, but everything is festive and stylish.

For instance, consider the Urban Outfitters holiday collection, filled with shimmery candles, pastel napkins, decorative vines, iridescent flute glasses and string lights.


If you’re interested in playing on the unexpected this Thanksgiving, start by removing your table cloth or runner, and swapping it for soft-glowing string lights with small, interesting bulbs. Randomly place shimmery candles throughout, and surround it all with confetti.

For an added touch of the unexpected, try using star banners hung off buffet tables, and unconventionally printed dishes.


5.  Rustic Holiday Table Decor

If shiny, forest, or standard autumn styles aren’t your thing, there’s still hope yet. As this Urban Barn collection shows, a good table setting features bowls and dishes, ornate glass balls, wooden accents and eye-catching table runners.

For this look, start by selecting a busy table runner that doesn’t adhere to the standard autumn color palette – think white, black, grey and beige. The dishes should be in keeping with the colors, and focus on a more hand-painted style.

From there, place wooden bowls and leaf dishes in the center of the table. Fill each with blown glass balls, cylinder candle holders wrapped in twine, and organic foliage, like pinecones and berries.


Just let it be known now, this style is the least organic on the list, which means it’s predominantly focused on porcelain, glass and ceramic interpretations of nature. Although accompanied by garland or sprigs of berries is more than welcome, it is not the focus of this style. Instead, the objective is to produce a tablescape that resembles nature with less of a mess.


Additional Decor Tips

Remember, not everyone’s Thanksgiving decor is the same. As such, always select a table setting that is keeping with the rest of your style. For instance, if you have a colorful, autumn Thanksgiving decor in your home already, you may want to opt for the fiery table setting, which resembles falling leaves.

Furthermore, don’t try to do too much, especially on a small dining room table. Although it’s tempting to fill the table with interesting pieces and dishes, it’s important to consider personal space. No one likes to feel claustrophobic while they eat.

Finally, leave space for the food, which usually means leaving a prepped space in the center of the table, with some additional room on either side. This is where you can place your turkey and side dishes.

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  1. I really love the naturalist one — the touches of gold are so pretty. The autumn table setting is a close second, really embodies Thanksgiving.

    Great post! x


  2. Gorgeous ideas! I have 0 decorating skills and need pictures to help me put something together that isn’t napkins and a wine bottle for a centerpiece!!

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