Nine Style Tips to Boost Your Confidence When You’ve Gained Weight

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Sometimes I find it difficult overcome the feeling of insecurity after I’ve gained weight. Whether I’ve gained a lot of weight or only went up a size or two, my self-confidence might be at risk.

Instead to overwhelm myself of thinking of that situation and feel miserable, I just keep my positivism on, and guess what?  looking fabulous with a few extra pounds can easily be done with the right style knowledge and willingness to try new things.

Think of your body as the blank canvas and your clothes as the means to creating beautiful art. After you use the following nine tips, you’ll overcome your insecurity no matter how much weight you’ve gained or how much your body has changed.

If you are in the process of losing some weight –or not- our tips will cover everything from sizing as well as all the little tricks you can use to make yourself look slimmer, and keep your confidence level at maximum point.

1. Focus on Sizing

You may be tempted to keep squeezing into the size that you used to be, but this is counter-productive. Nobody looks good in clothes that stick to them like sausage casing, so skip the drama and start buying sizes that actually fit. It’s the only way to get back on track with your clothing style.


Two blouses one burgundy and the other white color, hanging on a portable hanger. Also there is a brown belt and a pair of jeans.


Different stores will have different sizes that fit you. You might be a size 8 in one store and a size 10  in another, so be sure to try on everything that you’re buying before you head to the cash register.

You may notice that you have to go up sizes because one part of your body has gotten bigger, while the rest is the same size. It’s in these cases that tailoring will be your best friend.

2. Your Tailor is Your New Best Friend

Say for example that you’ve bought the perfect fit and flare dress that perfectly camouflages your belly, but it’s baggy around your chest area. You could go down a size to get a better fit around the chest, but then it would be too tight around the stomach.


Pair of jean folded and on top of it there is a white tape measure and one sicissors


What’s a girl to do in a situation like this? This is where your tailor comes in. Buy the bigger size and take it to a tailor. They’ll be able to adjust the rest of the garment to your exact measurements for the most flattering fit possible.

No matter what your size, all women would benefit from having their clothes tailored. There’s nothing quite as chic and sexy as an outfit that is perfectly fitted.

3. Pay Attention to Silhouettes

Speaking of perfect fits, silhouettes are something that you should always pay careful attention to. There are some styles that are universally flattering, while others are the complete opposite.

You might feel the urge to wear loose, shapeless clothes after gaining weight. This is a common mistake. All this does is make you look bigger than you truly are which is the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.

While it’s not flattering to wear skin-tight clothes either if you have extra weight, there is a limit to how loose you should go.

In general, fitted clothes are the best option. As mentioned above, they will create a streamlined silhouette that has been custom-made for your body.


Woman in a floral dark dress with a cross body black small bag riding a bike.


Fit and flare dresses are a great example of this. This kind of dress will hug the chest and flow over the belly. Since the belly is the area in which most women gain weight, this style is a great way to hide weight gain.

Wearing a fitted dress instead of a loose dress also allows you to accentuate your waist. An hourglass figure can easily be achieved this way, making you look slimmer than you are.

4. Try Different Necklines

The most flattering neckline when you’re trying to look slimmer is undoubtedly a V-neck. It tricks the eye into thinking you’re slim by elongating the body.


bloom women wearing a metal necklace and a v neckline black blouse


In contrast, a boat neck cuts the body off at the neck and can make you look even chunkier. Some women may find that a round neckline or sweetheart neckline also flatters their body shape.

Try on a variety of necklines and take pictures to see which are the most flattering before you start buying new clothes.

5. Focus on Length

Many women feel insecure about their legs after gaining weight. This doesn’t mean you have to hide them in maxi skirts forever!

Skirts can still look great after you’ve gained weight, but it’s important to note where the skirt ends on your leg.

You want the skirt to end at a thinner part of the leg, since this creates the illusion of an overall thinner leg.


Below the knee blue patterned skirt and woman wearing blue light flats


The two most flattering skirt length will end right below the knee and at the thinnest point of the calves.

When the skirt ends right below the knee, the natural indent there creates a streamlined look. A midi skirt that ends on the thinnest part of your calves does the same, especially when paired with high heeled shoes.

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  1. These were some really good tips! After having two babies back to back, I really have a hard time trying to find something that flatters my shape without making me look bigger than I am and trying on clothes sucks now lol. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is a positive post. Look we all cant loose rapid weight but in the meantime this is a post to give you a confident boost and still love yourself.

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