How to Improve Your Sense of Style Like a Professional Fashionista

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When it comes to developing your own sense of style, many women don’t know where to begin. You may look at the way celebrities seem to wear the most eccentric clothes while still looking put together and wonder, “How do they do it?”

The truth is that it’s much easier to build your personal fashion style than you may think.

  1. Identify What You Like

While you might think you need to resign your entire wardrobe; everything out in order to start fresh in order to be fashionable, this is far from the truth. True style begins with your confidence in yourself and being comfortable in your skin and clothes.

Your wardrobe will give you clues to what your personal style is, all you need to do is improve upon it. For starters make notes of the clothes you would find in your closet items such as straight leg jeans, A-line dresses, over size shirts, etc.

A good way to do this is by taking pictures of your outfits over the course of a few weeks. You’ll notice some items popping up over and over again. This makes the next step easy.

  1. Throw Out the Baggage

If you have a closet full of clothes, but never seem to have anything to wear, it’s time to say goodbye to a few things. Using the photos that you took from the previous step, carefully examine all of the items that you did not wear even once; or did not wear in the last year.

Chances are you’ll realize that you just don’t like the way they look on you. Throw them out or donate them and make space for something more chic. Remember the rule… when something new comes in, one or two items have to leave your closet!

It’s important to remember that fashion trends are just that – trends. Unless you can see yourself wearing the latest trends for years to come, it’s often better to put the new styles aside and stick with your own style.

  1. Choose Statement Pieces

By now, you should know what you like and what you don’t like. If all the clothes you ended up keeping happen to look like a bohemian/relaxed style, buy a tribal neckless that will go well with it. You can get inspired from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen styles.


If your personal style is feminine and sweet, acquire a piece of delicate jewelry that will go with all your items. For example, Lauren Conrad’s stackable rings offer a range of delicate jewelry. Or, invest in a bag by Kate Spade if your style is more classic.


Once you have the basics, all you need to do is find that statement accessory that ties everything together.

  1. Inspiration ideas tools

If you need some help for getting inspired for what to wear, it is easy to find ideas that will help improve your fashion style. For example, fashion or gossip celebrity magazines, social media fashion bloggers, shopping malls, etc. Try this activities with friends so you can have additional ideas, and you can also receive a constructive opinion of your choice of clothes or accessories; and why not, have more fun! With those tips, you will find a style that will suit your type of lifestyle and body.

Fashion is easy! And it shouldn’t be stressful. What personal style did you discover by using these tips?

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